About NPD Newfoundland

New-Pen-Del Newfoundland Club…Meaning of the Logo

To the valley and foothills of southeastern Pennsylvania came the religious refugees from the countries bordering the great Rhine River, seeking religious freedom offered by William Penn. They included the Amish and Mennonites (the “plain” people) and the Lutherans, Reformed, and Huguenots (the “fancy” people) plus many smaller sects. They all as a group became known as the Pennsylvania Dutch, even though the majority of them were of German origin. The English settlers anglicized the Germans own word for themselves (“Deutsch”) and corrupted it into “Dutch”.

It is from the “fancy” people of this group that we get Easter and Christmas celebrations and the good luck hex sign with its accompanying symbolism. Working from the outside in, the logo means:

NPDLOGOThe scallop border is for the ocean and smooth sailing through life

The oak leaf is for great strength of body, mind and character

The tulip is for faith and loyalty—or faith, hope and charity

The star protects the livestock in the barn or building from lightning, disease and harm in general

The animal (or in this case the Newfoundland Dog ) is what the star is protecting So, good folk, “Hang it on your barn up and haff goot luk yet!”

The New-Pen-Del Newfoundland Club encourages and promotes the purebred Newfoundland dog